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Blend Perfector
Blend Perfector

Blend Perfector

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We've found our softest, fluffiest makeup sponge! We call it the Blend Perfector.

DIMENSIONS (DRY): 55 mm x 40 mm

- Leaves a smooth, natural-looking finish
- Special technology to prevent product absorption and wastage
- Doubles in size when wet
- Extremely comfortable & light on your skin
- Glides effortlessly with ultra-fine microfibers
- Crafted from microbe resistant materials

- Latex
- Toxins 
- Lead

With ultra-fine microfibers inspired by a lotus leaf, The Blend Perfector ensures your product spreads evenly for a flawless, natural look. It also minimizes the product absorbed so there's lesser wastage.

Use the Blend Perfector with your favorite face oil, primer, concealer, corrector, foundation etc.