Welcome to Disguise!

Welcome to Disguise!

Hi everyone! Welcome to the official blog of Disguise Cosmetics. Before we get started, allow us to introduce ourselves!

Disguise Cosmetics is a vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free and PETA-approved makeup brand. Disguise became a reality around 4 years ago, by our stunning founders Shivangi Shah, Desiree Pereira, and Lakshay Mohindroo. The 3 came together to create the 100% vegan, PETA-approved, cruelty & paraben-free cosmetic brand - Disguise Cosmetics. 

We stand for diversity, and develop products for all types of Indian skin tones; we believe in allowing our products to highlight your beautiful skin, and giving you the ‘freedom to be who you want to be’. 

Our logo is made up of dots ‘disguised’ as alphabets. It’s an extension of the creativity we like to encourage as a brand. 

We are absolutely thrilled to be here to share our stories with you guys! Don’t forget to come back for our next article!

At Disguise, we strongly believe in reducing our carbon footprint - We run a campaign called “Give It to Me, Baby!” where you can send us your empties and we send it across to an NGO that ethically manages waste (don’t worry, we’ll go into detail about this in our upcoming posts!).