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Freedom to be who you choose to be.

We create cosmetics that celebrate real women who can't be defined by labels. 

All our products are cruelty free with the best 100% vegan ingredients and strive to be as conscious as possible. Our wallet-friendly, on-trend beauty experiences give you the freedom to express yourself through every look, from bold to bare!

Isn't it amazing that...

... We've just launched India's first talc free eyeshadows!

And they're customizable. What're you waiting for?

Choose Any 6 Eye Shadows

Regular price Rs. 1,800.00 INR Sale price Rs. 1,500.00 INR
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Our Newest Vegan Shades!

Why stick to just one shade when you can experiment with so many?

Our Rainbow Glow has a sibling

Instant hydration and through a calming balm like moisturizer is exactly what our skin needs in these trying times.

Don't you think so?

Instant Refresh & Hydration Balm | 50ml

C+C Sorbet

Regular price Rs. 400.00 INR
Tax included.

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Our Bestselling Matte Vegan Liquid Lip Creams

The most comfortably matte liquid lipstick you've ever tried!

Our newest kid on the block

Intense black.
Smooth gel glide.
Kajal and eyeliner rolled into one!
The product you've all been waiting for is here...

All Day Gel Kajal

Regular price Rs. 450.00 INR
Tax included.

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Get creative with our Multisticks!

Metallic bliss and in the most convenient, easy to use format.
You want it, you got it!

The softest, fluffiest makeup sponge!

With ultra-fine microfibers inspired by a lotus leaf, The Blend Perfector ensures your product spreads evenly for a flawless, natural look. It also minimizes the product absorbed so there's lesser wastage.

Blend Perfector

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Everything in a Drop!

Formulated to maximise the healing and soothing powers of the skin super foods used in our ultra-comfortable lipsticks - argan, avocado, jojoba, marula and almond. This Glow Serum is the perfect multitasker as the 'everything solution' to any skin need! 

Rainbow Glow Oil

Regular price Rs. 700.00 INR
Tax included.

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