Nourish & Sanitize | 30 gm

Moringa & Prickly Pear Hand Cream

Rs. 300 INR


30 gm

- Moringa and Prickly Pear (Moisturize)
- Shea and Murumuru Butter (Nourish)
- Benzalkonium Chloride (Sanitize)

- Use a pea-sized amount on the palms with massaging strokes for instantly refreshed skin! Wipe off the remaining on your elbows and hands to keep them soft and healthy too.
- If using after a hand sanitizer, wait for the product to air dry completely before applying.

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At Disguise, we believe we can create the best quality products without harming any living beings. We decided the best way to do this is to be cruelty free and never test our products on animals.

But cruelty free - that's just the first step! You're not going all the way if you aren't vegan too.

It may seem surprising, but a lot of cosmetic products - from shampoo to lipstick, often contain ingredients of animal origin. The only way to be truly cruelty free then is to also be vegan. We're proud to be one of the first, homegrown PETA approved vegan and cruelty free brands in India.

While we're excited about being vegan, we finally put together a short list of what we stay away from so you know exactly what you're getting, or rather not getting, in every one of our products. Kind to all kinds ;)


List of typical animal derived Oils, Fats and Waxes in cosmetics to stay away from if you're vegan

List of typical animal derived Pigments in cosmetics to stay away from if you're vegan

List of typical animal derived Fibres in cosmetics to stay away from if you're vegan

List of typical animal derived Perfumes in cosmetics to stay away from if you're vegan

List of typical animal derived Actives in cosmetics to stay away from if you're vegan

List of typical animal derived Actives in cosmetics to stay away from if you're vegan

It's taken us a little over a year but we believe we now have the perfect recycling program for you, for us, for the planet.

We try to use as little plastic that we can. Right now our alternatives are either too expensive or lack a stable structure. That being said we're constantly looking for improvements in suitable forms of aluminium, paper and glass.

Till then though, we have finally worked out a recycling program we're happy with. Here's how it works:

STEP 1: Clean and dry your empties.

STEP 2: Send us a clear picture of your cleaned empties along with no. of empties on or over our watsapp

STEP 3: Post confirmation from us over email/ watsapp send it in to us at:
Disguise Cosmetics
C/o Mohanlal & Sons,
379, SVP Road, Prarthana Samaj,
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004.

STEP 4: We send in the empties to an NGO that works towards ethical waste management. We chose this group as they work closely with rag pickers to ensure they have safe working conditions and are paid fairly. All the money earned through the resale of your empties goes directly to these workers who help segregate and manage the plastic as required. The human factor was important to us when we decided who we wanted to work with.

STEP 5: Your empties get a new life! Most often as fibers for clothing. You could be wearing your lipstick tubes soon and looking super fashionable as well.

STEP 6: You get 300 Bear Hugs per returned product that you can use towards your next purchase. Bear Hugs are credited within 10 days of receiving your parcel. Redeem Bear Hugs for exciting discounts. So keep em coming!

PLEASE NOTE : Currently we accept only Aluminium and Plastic beauty empties. We are working to broaden this but currently we cant accept Glass empties.



All Prepaid orders over Rs. 500 have free shipping pan-India. We charge a nominal rate of Rs. 50 for other orders. For COD orders, Orders value Rs.1000 and above are free to ship Pan-India, whereas other COD orders would be charged nominal shipping price of Rs. 100.


We've recently started shipping internationally. Shipping costs are as follows:

Free Shipping for orders ‚āĻ7,000.00 and up
Shipping Saver at¬†‚āĻ650.00 for orders ‚āĻ3,500.00 to ‚āĻ6,999.99
Standard Shipping ‚āĻ900.00 for orders¬†‚āĻ0.00 to ‚āĻ3,499.99

Bangladesh, Nepal
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United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Hong Kong
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United States
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Europe, Canada
Free Shipping ‚āĻ8,000.00 and up Free
Shipping Saver at¬†‚āĻ600.00 for orders¬†‚āĻ3,500.00¬†to¬†‚āĻ7,999.99
Standard Shipping at¬†‚āĻ1,200.00 for orders¬†‚āĻ0.00¬†to¬†‚āĻ3,499.99

Please note that customs or other charges may have to be paid additionally by you on delivery as applicable. 

Your order will be processed by the next working day and will be shipped thereafter.
Shipping typically takes 3 - 5 days for orders in India and 15 - 25 days for international orders. Once it leaves our warehouse, you would receive a tracking number which should help you locate your parcel.
If you have placed a Cash on Delivery order, we typically verify orders via call/email/WhatsApp within 2 days of placing the order. Your order could be canceled if we receive no response to our communication. You could preemptively reach out to us by email to confirm your order.
If you need your order urgently, drop us an email and we'll try to see what best we can do.

Any changes that need to be made once an order has been placed should be done before it is shipped. Send in an email or call +91 98209 44029 within 12 hours of placing the order. Once your order cancellation has been approved, your payment will be refunded in 7 - 10 working days if your order was prepaid.

Unfortunately, due to the fragile nature of the product and hygiene concerns, we cannot offer to accept any returns. We urge all our customers to ensure that they are picking the right shades and products with reference to other information available be it social media, search engines and/or user generated content and reviews.
As with all digital reproductions of products colours and textures may appear different from their true nature which is beyond our control. In such cases, we are unable to replace any products solely on the basis of them differing from their representation online (in any form or medium). For more information refer to our Terms & Conditions with respect to accuracy of content.
If for whatever reason you are unhappy with the product, do let us know and we will try and find a suitable solution for you. We're reachable at or +91 98209 44029.
If a Cash on Delivery order is to be replaced as a result of transit damage, we can either offer to ship the product again or a gift card for the product value (post discount if any). CoD orders cannot be refunded.

If any product you're interested in is unavailable at the moment, please drop us an email or call +91 98209 44029 and we will let you know when your product can be expected. You can also leave your email at the bottom of the home page and we'll be sure to keep you updated with any changes on the site.

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