Appu Goes to a New School
Full colour story book for kids from 0-7 years

A little boy is leaving home to go to school, but little does he know, he's setting out on the journey of a lifetime. In each book, we spend a day with Appu and his friends, learning from their experiences as we go. From emotions to colors, and science to diversity, the stories subtly introduce children to different topics. This helps young readers reflect on new ideas. Some basic, some thoughtful yet playful.
We journey through the stories with Appu as he explores and develops the bonds of friendship that encourage him to be curious. Beautifully illustrated, the books are exciting for children to follow with many relatable role models. The unique story style also makes it interesting for parents who may read the stories, often multiple times in a single day.
Designed as a series of chapters, The 'Appu and Amu' book series can be introduced as individual topics gradually. This also allows the child to follow a continuous story in bite-sized pieces helping to build early learning skills.