Disguise Cosmetics, being founded by 3 scientists, our ingredients are chosen keeping in mind the highest standards of safety, efficacy and scientific peer reviewed literature. Our products are designed to be the perfect bridge of makeup with the benefits of skin care. In some cases our products may not be 100% natural because our aim is to ensure that they are a 100% safe especially for sensitive skin. Rest assured, these beauties are even used and trusted by doctors.


Grapeseed oil (Skin Repair), Isopropyl Myristate (Emollient), Argan oil (Antioxidant), Marula oil (Skin Repair), Jojoba oil (Skin Restoring and Anti-Inflammatory), Avocado oil (Skin Soothing), Apricot oil (Skin Soothing), Almond oil (Skin Replenishing), Olive oil (Skin Replenishing), Vitamin E (Antioxidant), Pomegranate Extract (Antioxidant), Fragrance.

*100% Plant derived
INCI (in-key) is the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients. It's a list of everything that goes inside a typical one of your Disguise goodies. It follows the pattern of ingredients listed on the basis of concentration with the ingredient that is most concentrated in the product going at the top.