How to apply Brown and Nude kajal?

How to apply Brown and Nude kajal?

     Kajal or Kohl is a versatile makeup product. If you are not sure of liquid liners, kajal is your best bet. They are so easy to use and are easier on your pocket too.

    How can you use an eyebrow pencil as an eyeliner? First, make sure the pencil is sharp. If you’re starting with the left eye, pull the eyelid to the left, towards the back of your face and then draw a thin line starting a little away from the inner corner of your eye. Stop right where your eyelid ends. Finally, use your finger to smudge the line a tad bit to give it a more natural look. Easy, right?

   Now, a true kajal lover has definitely used a classic black kajal. But have you tried a brown shade? Or a nude shade? These days, there are so many different shades available in kajals. Browns and nudes have gotten a glamourous reputation. You might wonder how and when to use these shades though. Let us help you out!

Brown Kajal

If there is one truly multipurpose  item that we’d pick, it has to be a brown kajal! Brown kajal can be used as a brown eyeliner to give your brown or hazel eyes a soft look. It would blend so beautifully with the color of your eyes and would give it a more natural feel.

It can also be used to blend with your tan eyeshadow as a touch up or in times of emergencies! It can also be used as a substitute for a bronzer and a brow filler. The advantage is that the brown color makes your overall look a bit softer, and is suited well especially for Indian skin tones.

Nude Kajal

The nude kajal has so many different uses! It can be used to highlight your brow bone. Our Quartz Nude Kajal has a rich, hyper-pigmented color, is oh-so-smooth and has a super creamy application!  Use the kajal to draw a liner under and above your brow bone (eyebrow) and smudge it with your finger.

 The nude kajal can be used to highlight the inner corner of your eyes to enhance your look. You can use the kajal as a base for any eyeshadow. Apply a layer of the kajal onto your eyelid as a base and then apply a pigmented eye shadow on top. Layering your waterline with a nude kajal will instantly make your eyes look bigger! This is a great hack if you have small eyes or you haven't slept too well.