How to apply Kajal as eyeliner for different eye shapes?

How to apply Kajal as eyeliner for different eye shapes?

If you are a kajal lover like us, you would agree that a kajal is an all-rounder make up product. For many of us, kajal is the first beauty product we’ve ever used and swear by. We have all experimented with it as a thick layer under our waterline, back in college, and were amazed at how it could instantly transform our eyes!

The real question though, is, can we use kajal as an eyeliner? Yes, of course if it’s the Disguise All Day Gel Kajal we’re referring to which is a 2-in-1 formula designed to be used both on your lids as well as in the waterline.

Kajal (Kohl in English) was originally used to protect our eyes from the sun’s rays by darkening the part under it. But, these days it is treated mostly as eye make-up. We Indians have a special relationship with kajal, and using kajal as an eyeliner has become a recent global trend.

Naturally, we all have different eye shapes. And so, you would agree that learning how to apply kajal as an eyeliner for your eye shape is key to acing your makeup look. Let’s take a look at how to use kajal as eyeliner for some of the eye shapes.

Small Eyes

For small eyes, we have often heard that using an eyeliner wouldn’t really make a difference to the eyes. There is a trick, however. Apply a line of black kajal on the top lid also referred to as tightlining, while finishing it off with a lighter shade like white in the lower waterline. You can use a shimmery kajal on the inner corners as well to highlight your eyes.

Hooded Eyes

These kinds of eyes appear to have a small flap of skin under the eyebrow, which covers a lot of the eyelid. Not to worry, it is super easy to apply kajal to hooded eyes! You might want to start with a dark coloured kajal on your upper lid and lengthen it into the lash line up till the point where the upper lid folds over the outer corner of the eye.This will make your eyes look bigger and will bring out the shape of them.

Almond Shaped Eyes

Almond-shaped are longer and slightly turn upward towards the outer corners, just like an almond! The best way to call attention to the gorgeous shape is to wing it. (Yes, with a kajal). Start with a thin line in the inner corner of the eye and gradually make it thicker as you move to the outer part of your eye.

Round Eyes/ Big Eyes

Round eyes are big eyes! The advantage with round eyes is that you can experiment by changing the shape of your eyes using just a kajal pencil. What’s the trick? Draw attention to the outer eyelid by adding a layer of kajal to create an illusion of added width. You need to start drawing the line a little away from the inner corner of the eye to just past the outer corner. Voila! You got yourself an almond shape.